BiondVax’s Universal Flu Vaccine

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The folks at Israel21c recently visited BiondVax. They interviewed Ron and Tammy, and checked out our labs. If you’re looking to learn about BiondVax’s dream – to create an effective universal flu vaccine to ultimately eradicate the flu, check out this video!

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Published byJosh Phillipson

Joshua Phillipson serves as Business Development and Marketing manager for BiondVax.

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  • Markus Goeldi

    May 2, 2016 at 11:18 am Reply

    I am very excited and hopeful that this will indeed be one of thgreat modern inventions.Well done and my heartfelt congratulations
    On another most serious note:where is the vaccine to prevent malaria.I am frather surprised that peole taking artemisia annua as a tea even once a week had up to 70% success!I must stress it is not the artemisinin extract but either the ground dried powder or the tea was helpful.S there must be a key as to what stimulates immune response etc for its prevention.
    Here is a research article accepted by PLOS
    Dried Whole Plant Artemesia annua as an Antimalarial Therapy
    Sadly we hear WHO guidlines not to use it for fear of resistance.However what they fail to tell you is the extracted artemisinin used.As a practitioner of TCM I am so very aware that whole plant extracts behave very different in our bodies
    I hope you will soon find a prevention of so many children dying from malaria. Be encoraged and keep up the great work

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