Flu Eradication: BiondVax’s Vision as Presented at IVW2017

A story is told of a well-known scientist, who on the way yet another speaking engagement, suggested to his chauffeur that he was tired and didn’t want to lecture. The chauffeur suggested that since he had heard the speech so many times, he could deliver it instead, and the scientist could relax. The esteemed scientist

Vaccine Effectiveness: Shall I compare thee to getting hit by a car?

  Let’s say when crossing a busy highway on foot without looking you have a 50% chance of getting hit by a car. But if you look before crossing, then you have only a 20% chance of getting hit. By looking, you’ve reduced your risk of getting hit by 60% [(50-20)/(50)=60%]. It’s not perfect, and

Zika Buzz

The Zika virus was first described in 1947. It is a fairly stable virus, unlike the frequently mutating influenza virus. It is mostly a mosquito-borne virus, but the mosquitoes aren’t the only source of buzz surrounding Zika. Recently, in South America, there has been a significant increase in Zika diagnosis and babies born with microcephaly

The Race is on for a Universal Flu Vaccine

For much of the United States, winter means cold weather, snow, sleet and friendly reminders to get flu shots. Indeed, vaccinations remain an important aspect when it comes to combatting a deadly and costly public health issue that causes approximately 23,000 deaths in the United States each year and global loss of life for up